Student Leadership

Katherine Smith offers many student leadership opportunities.

School AmbassadorsK. Smith Habits Symbol

This club assists with leading school tours throughout the school year showing adults and student visitors about our school and how we learn. K. Smith hosts about 500 visitors each year. For example, in 2016 students and adults came from Beijing, China to see the way we use PBL learning in our classrooms. To read more about this visit to our school, go here.

Tech Genius

Tech Geniuses

Students in the Tech Geniuses Club help support the K. Smith campus with technology issues. Students apply for club membership at the end of the school year. Over the summer students attend a summer technology boot camp. Tech Geniuses meets on Tuesdays during the school year.

Leaders 4 SuccessSuccess 4 Leaders

The Leaders 4 Success Club helps our school create a positive culture. We organize games help out with the Game Room – an indoor alternative where students can play board games. Leaders 4 Success students are training by Project Cornerstone with the Expect Respect Anit-Bullying program. These leaders teach all the grade levels to not bully and how to be nice, friendly, and to make good choices.


Junior Coaches

As part of the Leaders for Success program, these students serve as role models on the playground during recess. During the school day, Junior Coaches participate as leaders at recess 1-3 times a week. Junior Coaches lead games and activities during the recess time as well as help students manage conflicts if they arise. Junior Coachers hematic units on Junior Coach Job Training, Conflict Resolution Strategies, Leadership Development and Inclusion Practices.

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